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We manufacture and marketize your personalized 0 euro banknotes for your attraction - a unique product for boosting sales & promotion in the tourism & cultural area.

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One of the best selling souvenirs in the world!

An excellent marketing medium and unique customized merchandise for your tourism business, visitors attraction or souvenirshop.

Made of 100% cotton paper. (banknote paper)

Includes professional security features.

Each piece is unique.

Marked with the year of issue as well as the serial number.

Produced in limited quantity. (min. 5,000 pieces)

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Additional Sales Options

The specially designed ATM as well as a practical table display.

Our 0-euro ATM!

Our ATM enjoys great popularity with our customers. Thanks to its space- saving size, the device can be placed almost anywhere...

Practical sales aid.

Attractive design.

Space-saving size.

Almost maintenance-free.

0-euro Banknote Features

The 0-euro souvenir is like a real bank note: printed on banknote paper, watermark, copper stripes, simultouch, hologram, transparent register, security background, visible & invisible fluorescent ink and an individual serial number that is unique to each note.

SimulTouch technology

An innovative touch-zone for blind people.


100% cottonpaper, just like the ``real`` banknotes.

Invisible fluorescent ink

Hold the 0-euro souvenir under UV-light and see what happens...

Each piece is unique

With individual serial number that is unique to each note.

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