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Space-saving Size

Promote Growth

No waiting lines

Cash & tap-2-go payments

space-saving size

1.000 banknotes

160x60x40 cm

Low Maintenance

Fits almost anywhere

6 reasons why

Convenience for anyone

Very low overhead costs

More Productive Employees

Saves Time and Money

Can be placed
almost anywhere!

Thanks to its space-saving size, the machine can be placed almost anywhere: whether in the cashier area, in the café environment or directly next to your attraction.

Modern & compact design.

Space-saving size

Attractive design

Easy to use & maintain

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Boost your sales!

When you order your own personalized series of 0-euro banknote souvenirs, you will receive our ATM for free.

Offers convenience to your customers

No waiting lines, more productive employees

Low maintenance & overhead costs

Space-saving size